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The Fox & Hounds regularly hosts large groups for private meals and special occasions. 
Our Main Restaurant area can seat up to 60 diners whilst the Conservatory can host up to 30 (or 24 if on one long table). For Wakes and Buffets, we have accommodated upwards of 100.

If you're planning a special occasion, anniversary meal, a family gathering, get in touch via 01886 821 228 or via for further information. For a large table of diners, we can create a '4-4-4' menu of Starters, Mains & Desserts. Our online pre-ordering system is easy to share with your guests with the food orders coming back directly to us without the need for you to collect and collate a raft of pre-orders. 


conservatory 1.jpg


  • Family Gatherings 

  • Wakes or Buffets 

  • Anniversary Meals 

  • Birthday Meals 

  • Special Occasions

  • Office Festive Meals 

  • Corporate Meetings 

  • Large Sunday Lunch Tables

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